Merrymeeting Area

Robin Robinson manages an email list for bird sightings in the Merrymeeting area. You can join by contacting her at She also maintains a web site for photographs and selected bird news from Maine at MAINE Birds.


Maine-birds is an email forum devoted to the discussion of birds and birding in the state of Maine. The primary function of the list is to provide an efficient means of reporting wild bird sightings in the state. Posts related to identification, behavior, conservation issues related to Maine birds, meetings and talks are welcome. Reports are available on-line, as a daily email summary, or individual emails as they are posted.

To view recent Maine Bird Reports see American Birding Association’s Maine Bird Reports on Line
To subscribe visit Maine Birds.

News about migratory birds along and over the Gulf of Maine can be seen at Gulf of Maine Bird Watch.

Recent eBird Sightings for Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts –

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Beyond Maine

A nation-wide digest of bird list emails by state is a great resource for the travelling birder at Birding Digest