Evergreen Cemetery & Capisic Park May 20, 2018

Monday, May 28th, 2018

Eight birders made the trip to Evergreen Cemetery and Capisic Park in Portland where Gordon Smith lead the birding.  The weather was cloudy but better than the forecast rain, and 48 species were put on the checklist for Evergreen and 36 at Capisic.  Warblers are always the “target” species on this trip and 14 warbler species including a Northern Waterthrush were seen at Evergreen and 11 at Capisic Park.  Nesting Baltimore Orioles and an Orchard Oriole were a special treat at Capisic Park.  (Report by J. Stormer)

The checklist for Evergreen Cemetery is at https://ebird.org/atlasme/view/checklist/S45869050

The checklist for Capisic Park is at https://ebird.org/atlasme/view/checklist/S45869048

Female Mallard and ducklings in Junk Pond, Evergreen Cemetery.

Canada Warbler Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, ME,

Active Baltimore Oriole nest at Capisic Park, Portland, ME

Yellow Warbler at Capisic Park, Portland, ME

Solitary Sandpiper at Capisic Park, Portland, ME

American Redstart at Capisic Park, Portland, ME

Least Flycatcher at Capisic Park, Portland, ME